Localise is a temporary newspaper publication that will be produced for the Whau Arts Festival 2015, a weekend festival of music, visual art, theatre and performance. Run by Ioana Gordon-Smith and Lana Lopesi, each issue focuses on the subject of community art, exploring how art, and even the newspaper itself, can meaningfully engage with local residents. Localise will be published daily from Thursday 15 – Monday 19 October, with 250 copies available for free each morning.

Localise has been made possible in partnership with Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery and Whau The People.



Ioana Gordon-Smith is a curator and writer based in Auckland. She previously worked with Artspace, Objectspace, Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust and Unitec, and has worked on exhibitions for Fresh Gallery Ōtara, Papakura Art Gallery and Gus Fisher Gallery. Ioana currently works as Curator Kaitiaki Wakaaturanga at Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery.

Lana Lopesi is a writer, social practitioner and curator based in Auckland. Specialising in arts criticism, Lana’s writing often focuses on Pacific and Social art practices and surrounding issues. Lana is the co-founder and editor for #500words, a website for critical discourse on art and culture.